Liberty Graphics Employee Cooperative

Liberty Graphics is currently owned and managed by a cooperative made up entirely of its employees.

Liberty Graphics’ mission is:
To screen print distinctive art inspired by Nature.
We operate with respect for our employees, our customers, and our Earth.

A Board of Directors meets regularly to establish, review, and oversee policies and strategies for the operation of Liberty Graphics, Inc. that satisfy this mission.

The Liberty Graphics Employee Cooperative (LGEC) Board of Directors is currently composed of five LGEC members, elected by the membership to serve 3 year terms, and the Liberty Graphics’ Founders’ Seat—a lifetime appointment originally for Tom Opper that can be passed on, at his request, to co-founder Beverly Kocenko.

Member Directors:
Erik Perkins – President
Bea Turner – Vice President
Kate Ahlefeld – Secretary
Robert Peiper – Treasurer
Kami Trundy-Craig – Director